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Dual Half Bridge Dual Half Bridge

Dual Half Bridge

Actuators are devices, usually connected to an auxiliary output on the ECU, that can perform functions such as idle speed and boost control. They a...

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Honeywell 250 PSI Pressure sensor Honeywell 250 PSI Pressure sensor

Honeywell 250 PSI Pressure sensor

MoTeC supplies a wide variety of quality pressure sensors, all of which have been tested and calibrated to suit MoTeC systems. These sensors come i...

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Lights Lights


Typically, lights are used as a warning light, shift lights or other types of information lights. Shift lights are used to indicate the optimum tim...

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Communication Cables Communication Cables

Communication Cables

Most MoTeC devices need to be connected to a PC or laptop to configure the device or to download data from the device. To find the required connect...

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Ignition Systems Ignition Systems

Ignition Systems

HOW TO CHOOSE To decide which products to use for your ignition system consider the following factors : Trigger System : The ignition timing is ...

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Switches Switches


Rotary Switches 9 position rotary switch Resistive divider type for connection to an analogue input Push Button Switches Push Button Switches Red P...

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Force & Motion Force & Motion

Force & Motion

G-Force These sensors are used to measure vehicle acceleration, i.e. acceleration, braking and cornering force, which are also used for drawing tra...

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Position Position


Throttle Position D-Drive white Throttle Position Sensor, LH D-Drive black Throttle Position Sensor, RH D-Drive Throttle Position Sensor Connecto...

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Pressure Pressure


How Pressure Is Measured Pressure sensors work on a differential basis by measuring the difference between the applied pressure and a reference pre...

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Temperature Temperature


Details Air Temp Air Temperature Sensor 14 x 1.5 mm Delco 15 to 100 °C TMAP Sensor Pressure: 20 to 300 kPa Temperature: -20 to 130°C Air Temper...

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Lambda Sensor Lambda Sensor

Lambda Sensor

Features Wideband 5 wire Lambda sensor Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband 4 wire Lambda sensor Bosch LSM Wideband 5 wire Lambda sensor Bosch LSU (4.0) Wideba...

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